Who is Edwin Dolin Harvard Studies in Classical Philology?

who is edwin dolin harvard studies in classical philology

In Who is Edwin Dolin – a Harvard studies in classical philology, Harvard University Press has taken a student of Martin Luther King, one who was at the forefront of the civil rights movement, and placed him in a complex political and social arena. A thoroughgoing intellectual who advanced his ideas through a rigorous and uncompromising examination of scripture, Dr. King used his studies to challenge long-held assumptions about the nature of America and Christianity. His polemics, often based on texts that literary critics considered mawkish or overly dramatic, made him a controversial figure. Yet his polemics did not detract from his stature as an eminent intellect. His book, Who is Edwin Dolin, was an immediate success and remains a classic in the history of classical philology.


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The basic premise behind Who is Edwin Dolin is that King and others in the civil rights movement were swept up by “a small group of resisters who saw in their vision the handwriting of destiny.” They “seized the chance to create a new America, free from the influence of European medievalism and theology,” using the platform of Martin Luther King’s non-violent resistance to white supremacy to advance their cause. Although the movement eventually failed, itsottoically, its leaders were able to lay the ground for a new phase of civil rights activism that would endure for many decades to come.

Dolin makes an excellent case study of the way in which leaders use historic cases of injustice and oppression as an instrument to propel their causes. He shows how and why this happens, how it is used against its opponents, and what, in effect, it does to our nation. Who is Edwin Dolin reminds us that leaders and followers must do more than simply bark adtitudes; they must take charge and insist on truth. Using the example of King in particular, Dolin reconstructs the psychological dynamic that motivated his actions and reveals how he began to see himself as the heir to MLK. Though there have been efforts to cover the entirety of the civil rights movement, who is Edwin Dolin delivers fresh and fascinating insights into the minds of those who took to the streets demanding equal rights for blacks.

It was not enough for those who went to the streets demanding full rights for blacks to be told that their demands were just and right. They had to be told why their demands were right. Who is Edwin Dolin shows us that leaders can adopt the tactics of Martin Luther King in order to galvanize their followers. The power of being right can overcome all objections to what your followers believe. Once your followers to see that their beliefs are right, and that you are leading them toward a better future, they will see you as their hero.

Who is Edwin Dolin also shows us that even if the forces of oppression have been great, we have one great opportunity to fight against them. Even if things seem hopeless at first, the tide is rising. There are people everywhere who are rising up and who see things clearly. These people have a choice to make. They can choose to follow the example of Edwin Dolin, who is using his MLM business to help those who are down and out, or they can follow the example of Martin Luther King, who is using his book and his non-violent leadership methods to fight back against the power of the oppressor.

It is amazing how many people today choose to follow the example of King, who was wrong on some of his claims such as MLK would later claim were meant to unite the people instead of divide them. Many people today claim that MLK was a man who talked a big talk and made outrageous comments, but if you take a look at who is Edwin Dolin, you will see that he was one of the most peaceful individuals you will ever meet. If you ever meet him in person, you will realize that he is the real deal.

It is indeed amazing to see who is Edwin Dolin. One of the greatest leaders in history has inspired thousands of people to follow his teachings. The famous writer Hemingway once said that, “There are a hundred men who will never be moved by anything more beautiful than a beautiful lady’s smile.” This is one of the reasons why the name of who is Edwin Dolin should be attached to the timeless novel, “The Heartbreak of LaBeef.”

You will find out who he is one day when you read “The Heartbreak of LaBeef,” the ultimate love story novel. Do not miss it. You will not regret it, and you will never look back again at your life, and your future.

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