What Type of Journal is Pacific Coast Philology?

What Type of Journal is Pacific Coast Philology

“What type of Journal is Pacific Coast Philology? is a common question in this field. Pacific Coast Philology is a journal of research and analysis centred on the work of S. R. Chipman. The journal includes topical reviews of literature from all areas of science, including theology, ethics, sociology, and history. Pacific Coast Philology also publishes topical research papers in areas related to Pacific History, American Religious History, and the Study of European Philosophy. The Journal also welcomes submissions of short writing, and essays, personal writings, memoirs, and personal collections.


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Pacific Coast Philology’s mission is to promote research excellence through publishing an internationally recognized academic journal. A key component of that effort is to ensure that all the work of contributors is characterized by high quality scholarship and research. All submissions are reviewed by senior editors who approve or reject the manuscript. The Journal is edited by the Department of History and Social Sciences and the Department of Religious Studies.

What is the difference between what type of journal is Pacifical and other scholarly journals? Pacific Coast Philology’s focus is on writing rather than publishing research. For that reason, the Journal is different from most scholarly journals. Although the editors are aware of the value of publishing research articles, they also take into account the impact of the writing on the community and the wider world. As such, the Journal avoids problematic methodology and takes the perspectives of cultural diversity and individualism into consideration when reviewing articles.

One of the strengths of this journal is the Sixties Project. This was a research project initiated by Pacific Coast Philology in cooperation with the California State University, Los Angeles. The project focused on the publication of a text written in reaction to the Watts Affair, a civil rights scandal that erupted in Los Angeles in the 1960s. The resulting volume, Letters to Aloise, did not publish any new material on the controversy, but it did represent a major break with prior scholarship. In this way, the editors succeeded in defining a specific and important area of Pacific Coast Philology.

Another strength of what type of journal is Pacifical is the emphasis on individual expression. Rather than publishing research articles authored by a team or department, the Journal sought to publish work by people within the field itself. In many cases, this meant writing for the singularly interested reader, a task which most standard scholarly journals rarely undertake. Thus, the Journal strives to remain focused on what the people involved with the field want to read, rather than what a particular academic authority hopes to achieve through his or her research.

The most obvious characteristic of what type of journal is Pacifical is its focus on an area outside of the usual range of study. Although Pacific Coast Philology is not primarily focused upon the history of the United States or South Asia, it has been clear from the very beginning that the journal would adopt a social-scientific perspective on the field. Although not all scholars agree with this stance, it has nonetheless resonated with the general public. This may have been another reason why the Journal gained such a following, as there was a need for new perspectives, particularly when the subject matter was such a new one for American scholars. The resulting mix of diversification and responsiveness has been quite fertile for Pacific Rim Philology scholars.

Another hallmark of what type of journal is Pacifical is its rigorous approach to publishing. As mentioned above, the Journal has adopted a social-scientific stance on the conduct of research and published research that it either approved of or considered to be of a low level of significance. This level of deference to scholarship makes what type of journal is Pacifical unique among all scholarly journals. The fact that what type of journal is Pacifical also contributes to the uniqueness of this journal. Because it is a highly regarded journal in the field of East Asian Philology, there is little chance that scholars publishing in this journal will publish research that does not meet with the journal’s guidelines. This adherence to a set of standards ensures that the research that is conducted and discussed in what type of journal is Pacifical.

Although what type of journal is Pacifical offers a distinctly different point of view than standard journals, this does not mean that the journal lacks in importance or relevance to the scholars engaged in the field. In fact, what type of journal is Pacifical helps to define the boundaries of the field and to the parameters upon which researchers conduct their research. This discipline has achieved such prominence over the past decade that the only way to achieve a recognition of one’s place in the pantheon of East Asian Philologists is to publish a paper in what type of journal is Pacifical. In fact, it has become so identified with Asian American scholars that some of the more prestigious publishers have begun to issue a journal that is exactly what the title suggests: what type of journal is Pacifical. East Asian Philology owes a great debt to the discipline and all of the work done by scholars who took time out from their studies to engage with the language, culture, and history of their indigenous counterparts.

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