What Can You Do With a Degree in Philology?

What Can You Do With a Degree in Philology

If you are thinking about studying Philology but don’t know what you can do with a degree in philology, I have good news for you. You can do just about anything that has to do with the history of philosophy. In fact, you can be involved in a number of very interesting and varied activities while obtaining a degree in Philology. Let’s take a look at what some of these interesting activities are.


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A Philology degree allows you to become an instructor. This means that you can teach classes in history, including ancient history, world history and American history. You can also teach private or public courses in history. You can even teach online courses as a part of your what can you do with a degree in Philology degree. There are many history departments at colleges or universities all around the country, and you could teach one at your own university if you really wanted to.

You can write books on your research. There are several very well known histories that have been turned into excellent books by scholars with a what can you do with a degree in Philology. You can write books on ancient history, American history, early Christian history and more. If you have written a book on any of these topics, you can get a professional job teaching it at a university.

You can become a research librarian. Research librarians collect and preserve documents that help scholars gain a deeper understanding of the history of mankind. They usually work at universities or museums, especially in the field of history or ancient history. A what can you do with a degree in philology that would lead to this role? The first step is to complete a Doctorate in History, followed by a position as a research librarian at a university or museum.

You can teach middle school or even college students about history. One way to be able to do this is to teach courses on Ancient History, or English Literature, among other courses. One example of this would be a study of Victorian novels and literature, which cover such works as “Ulysses” and “Romeo and Juliet.” Another possibility is teaching middle school students about the American Revolution. This can be accomplished by showing them how important key figures like George Washington were for our nation’s future, as well as how they lived during those times.

You can also teach a class about religious history. This could include such works as the Bible and the life of Jesus. Of course, if you are teaching this class to students who already have a bachelor’s degree in religious studies, it would be wise to start out by taking a more basic class on Philology. This will give students an opportunity to learn what the basics of what can you do with a degree in philology are before moving on to more complex concepts. They can then complete their bachelor’s and take their SAT’s to qualify for a PhD in philology.

If teaching is not your preferred career, there is still what can you do with a degree in philology. As a researcher, you can use your knowledge to find possible topics for articles and essays. One option for you is to write an article on a recent archaeological discovery, or to write a paper on your findings. One thing you must remember is that you should never plagiarize someone else’s work. It is unethical and can get you into serious trouble with your Alma mater.

There is so much that can be done with a degree in philology. If you have an educational background in the history department, you may want to take a leave of absence and pursue this career. Your knowledge of specific areas of history will serve you well in your new position. It is an interesting, challenging, rewarding, and free pursuit of knowledge.

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